Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Dog Costume

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R2D2 pet costume includes:

  • Patterned shirt with attached paw covers
  • Hat

Beep boop beep!

Now your four-legged friend can look just like the adorable R2D2 unit from the Star Wars films. The shirt is soft and slips over your pet's head and his or her front paws slip through the arms. Attached to the end of the sleeves are the paw covers which would be similar to the boot covers in human costumes. This just hides your pet's paws and gives the illusion your furry sidekick is the popular astromech droid that aids Luke Skywalker. The hat has an elastic chin strap with plastic stopper so you can get the cap to fit without falling off. The hat also features two holes for your pet's ears to pop through.

This adorable R2D2 costume would transform your pet into the perfect partner for your Luke Skywalker Halloween or cosplay costume!