Toddler's Star Wars Ewok Romper Costume

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Ewok Toddler costume includes:

  • Brown Romper with fuzzy belly
  • Ewok Headpiece

The force awakens with this young one. This Star Wars Ewok costume is perfect for the little Star Wars fan, whether it be daddy or mommy who loves the series, this little Ewok from the forest moon of Endor is sure to get a lot of attention this Halloween.

This Ewok costume is a soft fuzzy jumper costume. With a soft padded belly and elastic hems to keep cozy. The hood is a softer felt material with sewn on ears and a face window for peeking out of.

I can’t fathom battling solo in this cute little scavenger costume. you’ll need the likes of Princess Leia and Luke skywalker to show you the ways of the Jedi. Master the force young one and make your parents proud.