Star Wars Adult Jawa Costume

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Star Wars Jawa Costume Includes:

  • Hooded robe
  • Double bandolier
  • Hood Jawa mask

Join your pals on the desert planet Tatooine this Halloween in this is officially licensed Star Wars Jawa costume with battery powered glowing eyes.

The Jawa costume is a brown monk style robe with a fringe hem at the bottom and sleeves. There is a poly-foam double bandolier that Velcro’s to different spots of the robe. The hood has a black mesh mask and there are lights at the eyes that turn on with a small switch on the mask.

Wear this fun Jawa costume to an event like Comic-Con or a Star Wars themed night. It is also great for Halloween, with a pack of other Jawas or Star Wars themed group! Utinni!! (Please try not to steal any droids while in this costume!)