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Slytherin Robe Harry Potter

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One size: Standard (up to jacket 44")

Slytherin robe from the Harry Potter movies includes:

  • Robe
  • Clasp 

This is a licensed Slytherin robe from the Harry Potter movies. If you’re a fan of Draco Malfoy’ or the 'darker' house, these robes are perfect.

This is a two-piece costume with a hooded robe and clasp. The robe is long and loose to allow it to billow about in the wind or when you move. The sleeves are long and flared. The Slytherin house emblem is printed over the left breast. The hood is wide and pointed. The inside is lined with green, as opposed to the rest of the robe, which is black. The front of the robe is open and does not close. The clasp is included to close the robe up. The clasp is an adjustable locking metal accessory that gabs onto each lapel to keep them together.

This is a great costume for a movie marathon, Halloween, Harry Potter costume, or get friends together and be all of the Hogwarts students.