Skeleton Zombie Costume

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One Size: Adult Standard/XL (up to 200lbs)

Skeleton Zombie costume includes:

  • Shirt with attached skeleton chest
  • Pants with attached leg bone
  • Skeleton gloves
  • Skeleton Zombie Mask

This incredibly creepy and arguably realistic costume is perfect for Halloween. Zombies are always in (the same goes for vampires and witches) and it's a classic choice for anyone trying to get that 'Walking Dead' look.

This Zombie costume is a tattered green scrubs with an exposed rotting skeleton chest, pants with exposed rotting leg bones and tattered hems. A rotting skeleton mask has green mesh fabric that drapes down the back of your head and matching skeleton hands. All you need to add to the costume is a pair of scuffed or dirty shoes in order to match the decrepit shirt and trousers.

The Zombie a great find for anyone wanting to put a little scare into their friends whilst also embracing the fun of Halloween!