Silver Glitter Half Mask with Stick

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Become a porcelain beauty and command the floor with the Silver Glitter Half Mask! This accessory is made of molded plastic, and covers the entirety of the left side of the face with only a band around the right eye and a small section of the right side of the chin. The background of this accessory is a white and it is decorated by silver and black elements, mainly consisting of glitter. Solid black glitter sections have silver checkered shapes, flourishes, and outlines. It is also solid black surrounding both eyes, and overtop of the formed lips. Surrounding the outside edges of the entire mask is a silver chord trim, of which adds to the doll-like aesthetic that the mask creates. To wear this mask there is a matching colored stick which connects into the accessory allowing the wearer to merely hold the mask up to their face. The Silver Glitter Half mask with Stick would make a perfect addition to your eccentric NYE bash, or plan a creepy costume around it for a one of a kind Halloween costume!