Silver Disco Queen Jumpsuit Costume

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The Womens Silver Disco Queen Jumpsuit Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit


The night is young and the music's high … but with a bit of music, you know everything is fine once you've dressed in this exquisite silvery dancing queen outfit. Start the party burning when you arrive, looking for the one you're gonna turn on to your groove as you make the scene. With the right costume, and the right moment, you can make anything happen!

The glossy silver cloth of the jumpsuit fits with straps that close behind the neck, supporting the bodice held with an elasticized top hem. Attached is a skein of soft trim that drapes from the arms, held by cuffs that close round the upper arm and mid-fore-arm. The bell-bottom leg cuffs are likewise drenched in fringe. The costume fits quite narrow through the hips.

It's all in the way you're dressed, and tonight you'll be dressed for any 70's themed disco party, or when you've got to boogie this Halloween. Dress your partner to match and turn up for a dance competition together. You want some action, you want to live – you've got to go where the people dance!