Shuri Black Panther Movie Licensed Costume

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The Women’s Licensed Black Panther Shuri costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Sarong
  • 2 Armbands
  • 2 Gauntlets

As a princess of Wakanda and sister of King T’Challa, Shuri proved herself in the comics to be worthy of taking the role of Black Panther herself when T’Challa was unable.  Dressed as Shuri, it will be up to you to protect the kingdom with your inventiveness and prowess, as befits a brilliant, capable and martials arts trained hero.

Filled with glossy highlights and remarkable design in the Black Panther tradition, Shuri’s jumpsuit is sumptuous to wear.  Sleeveless and stretch-fitted, the jumpsuit zips up the back to the neck.  The khaki-green sarong fits around the waist with a belt buckle, closing with Velcro and falling to the back of the knees.  Armbands with Wakanda’s colors – violet and indigo with white/black stripes – fit the upper arms tightly.   Black leather-look foam gauntlets strap over the forearm and the back of the hand, leaving the hands free for use.

A great choice for any woman endlessly fascinated with technology, outfits and gadgets, who is ready to throw herself confidently into the next Halloween or costume event.  Strut your stuff at an upcoming fan expo.  Add a spear or face paint if you’re brave and want to go all out – you’ll have more fans that you imagine.