Sexy Ouija Fortune Teller Dress Costume

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Ladies Ouija Fortune Teller Costume includes:

  • Dress with petticoat
  • Matching bandanna 
  • Ouija necklace

All answers point to yes! This sexy and cute ladies Ouija Fortune Teller costume will make you look divine while you 'practice' the diving arts! Get a little mystical with this great little number and bring good fortune to all!

The fortune teller bodice features off the shoulder puff sleeves, shoulder straps, a sun & moon graphic print, and a faux crisscross lace-up detail made with gold sequin-braid trim. The attached skirt is adorned with a Ouija board print and a swirling blue, black and purple design. For extra volume, a simple yet crisp white petticoat is included. Accessories include a do-rag bandanna that reads "Goodbye," and a vinyl fabric Ouija planchette necklace that reads "Ouija, Mystifying Oracle."

Wear this Ouija Fortune Teller costume to a Halloween party, a fun fair, festival, or for a fun and flirty fortune telling gig.