Royal Pirate Queen Costume

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The Royal Lady Pirate Halloween Costume includes:

  • Dress

  • Hat

Don't leave the raiding and plunder to the boys! They wouldn't know what to do with it anyway. This season, set sail aboard your own vessel in this fabulous woman's pirate costume, with a mind to making your errant fellow walk the plank come Halloween, or perhaps just installing him below decks as your personal cabin boy.

This extravagant dress is rich with detail and thoughtful design, to depict a genuine rapscallion free from the bounds of propriety. The felt bodice steeped with embroidery features a ruffled collar and plunging neckline. Elasticized sleeves enable flamboyant cuffs below silky sleeves. Soft black felt forms the skirt. Complimenting the dress is a soft, jaunty pirate's hat to match the dress, which may be worn rakishly for best effect.

Dressed the part, you'll be ready to storm the decks of any vessel that falls under your eye. Halloween in October promises to be a rich season for plunder, as does any medieval festival or costume-themed party. Add a fitting rapier and eye-patch to lend a touch more authenticity.