Rockstar Spiraluxe Violetta Wig

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Are you looking to make a statement? With this long and luxurious Spiraluxe Rockstar wig in color blend Violetta you will stand out and feel fabulous! Super long locks have been curled into cascading ringlets down the shoulders, creating a lot of body and a great silhouette. A deep purple shade covers the majority of the synthetic hair starting at the crown of the head heading downwards. Towards the ends of the curls the color transitions from purple to black creating a dark and mysterious mood to the piece. On the inside of this wig is a built in mesh which allows for air flow, and attached combs allow the wearer to feel secure during extended use. This accessory can be used for a variety of different events, from casual use to dress up costume events. You can cosplay your favorite anime character or masquerade and a magical sorceress, let your imagination go wild!