Rockstar Long Straight (28") Light Blonde Wig

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Long, long locks are no problem with this fabulous light blonde RockStar Wig in a Straight 28" Style! Every day wearing will be a breeze with this fantastic versatile wig! Made from a unique high quality fiber that allows you to use your straightener or curling iron, you can really make the wig your own and customize as desired. The fiber has a low shine to it and has a thick weft so your own hair isn't seen through. In order to make it much easier and comfortable to wear, there are four combs, one in the back and three on the front to keep the accessory secure all day long. Both reviewers and staff have said that this keeps it in place quite well, making it so you don't necessarily have to use wig tape. It also has adjustable straps ensure it fits securely to you. These RockStar Straight 28" Wigs are just what you need for anything from cosplay, everyday-wear, Halloween night, or dressing up drag. The possibilities are endless with these fantastic wigs!