Rockstar Farrah Wig Brown Mix Wig

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Give that old 70s look an update with this amazing RockStar Farrah Inspired Long Wavy Wig! Become the classic icon or make it one of your own with this high quality wig in a stunning mixed brown shade. The RockStar Farrah Long Wavy Wig is soft to the touch with a slight sheen and a full weft so you do not see the cap underneath. If the long wavy fibers get tangled softly finger comb from the bottom to the top of the wig or between wears. The fantastic part of these wigs is that they are heat stylable. Use the curling or straight iron up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 degrees Celsius, the lowest heat setting on most appliances. There are adjustable wig straps to ensure a great fit, as you don't want it to fit too tight or too loose. For the wig to stay in place there are combs in the front and back to slide into your hair, you don't have to wear wig tape, reviewers and our own staff say it does a great job at staying in place all day. Calling all cosplayers, everyday wig wearers and those looking to add that high quality touch to their Halloween costumes, this quality wig will have you taking the next step! Perfect for character ensembles from Sci Fi, Fantasy, and more!