Rocket Racoon Costume Top With Mask

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The Rocket Raccoon Costume Top With Mask includes:

  • Thin, breathable costume shirt
  • Character mask with elastic

This Rocket Raccoon ensemble features a dye-patterned shirt and a hard plastic mask that looks just like Rocket. This particular costume is in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 style. Find your buddy Groot and head off to the party in style!

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Rocket Raccoon Shirt Costume has a very nicely dyed shirt that is made of very breathable material so you won’t cook in this costume. It is dyed and not silk screened so the pattern will never fade. The shirt looks like Rocket’s suit and includes the big blue glowing orb in the chest with the leather plate strapped onto his shoulders. The sleeves are patterned to mimic fur. This one size fits most costume is fairly large in design, and will most comfortably fit men who usually wear a large t-shirt. It does have a high neckline, so people of medium builds should be comfortable as well. The mask is hard plastic and printed to feature Rocket’s face, drawn into a sneer. Brown, cream, and black paint will accentuate the shirt while giving you an excellent “cat” look just for Thor if he stops by. The mask is held in place with an adjustable piece of black elastic.

Simple yet effective, the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Rocket Raccoon shirt and mask costume is great for any event. Dance parties, movie premieres, themed club events, costume days at work, or Halloween parties would all be excellent places to wear this outfit. Pair with some rockin’ boots and black cargo pants and you’re all ready to collect that guy’s leg and that other guy’s eye.