Ride Along Ride-A-Santa Adult Costume

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The Ride Along Ride-A-Santa Adult Costume includes:

  • Pull on pants costume

Get carried into the holidays with the Ride Along Ride-A-Santa Adult Costume! This simple, pull on pants style, costume will lighten the mood to all of your festivities and help you prepare for the real Santa’s appearance.

This hilarious once piece costume is constructed and stuffed to make it appear as though you, the wearer, are being lifted up onto Santa’s shoulders. By sticking your legs into the costume, they extend down the piece and appear as Santa’s legs and body mass. The Santa piece also has a plush fabric head with a red hat, beard, and embroidered eyes. Fake stuffed legs hang over the shoulders of Santa, where Santa’s arms are attached around.

You’ve obviously been nice is Santa Clause is willing to take you around! Wear the Ride Along Ride-A-Santa Adult Costume out to Christmas themed parties and events, or surprise friends and family at home with a hilarious entrance! Make your holiday one to remember!