Ride Along Ride-A-Horse Adult Costume

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The Ride Along Ride-A-Horse Adult Costume includes:

  • Pull on pants costume

As an equine lover and everyday cowboy the Ride Along Ride-A-Horse Adult Costume will seem natural to wear. With a humorous twist this costume makes it appear as though a horse is holding you up on their shoulders!

This costume has stuffed areas which create jeaned legs over-top of the horse’s shoulders. Small stuffed arms of the horse are attached around the knee area of the fake jeaned legs. The horse is a reddish brown shade and is made of soft velvety material, and features sewn on fabric pieces to create the face, chest, and tail. On the face of the horse are eyes and eyebrows, a white mane, a black harness, and an open mouth with white teeth. The chest has a white oval, and the attached tail is also white. This costume is worn by the individual placing their legs inside through the body of the horse, creating the funny optical illusion of being carried.

Perfect for western themed parties and events, the Ride Along Ride-A-Horse Adult Costume will give you praise and garnish laughs. To really sell the ensemble, why not add a cowboy hit and other western accessories to really start your big night out with a bang!