Children's Ride-a Unicorn Costume

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One size: Child (4-6)

Ride-A-Unicorn costume includes:

  • Plush unicorn attachment

This is a cute Ride-A Unicorn costume. Not only can you dress up as a Princess for Halloween, but you can even ride around in a mystical steed. This one-piece costume is of a unicorn with wings that fits around the waist and is held up with straps. The unicorn is stuffed with short soft white faux fur on his body. His mane and tail is pink. The wings, horns and ears are shiny pink metallic fabric and the wings have foam lining to give them a stiffer shape. There is a harness on the Unicorn’s snout to hold on while walking around. There are also adjustable shoulder straps that fasten on like overalls. When is there not a time to wear this awesome costume.? Try it out for a fairy or princess costume or other magical creatures.