Rhinestone Flapper Headband - Roaring 20s

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Flaunt your stunning looks and enjoy some jazz music while wearing this Roaring 20s Rhinestone Flapper Headband! Why hide in the shadows when you can challenge social norms and look good doing it?

This Flapper headband is made of a satin material, and comes in a pale gold color. The back half of the accessory is elastic and scrunched to ensure a comfortable fit on different head sizes. Toward the front of the headpiece the material curves inwards to create the illusion of a bow. On the face of the bow there are white and silver jewels and beads sewn in a symmetrical pattern.

The Roaring 20s Rhinestone Flapper Headband is a great addition to any outfit for showgirls, Great Gatsby lovers, and cognisors of luxury.