Return of the Living Dead Trash Costume

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The Women’s Return of the Living Dead Trash Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Vest
  • Shorts
  • Legwarmers


Live the genius of classic American zombie films as the classic victim of a zombie attack in this Trash costume ensemble. Trash, who in the Return of the Living Dead movie goes from dancing on graves to becoming the leader of a zombie horde, leads the final attack on the survivors as all hell breaks loose.

Featuring the 80s-style vinyl-leather jacket reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s famous red jacket from Thriller, as Trash from the movie you’ll be ready to show off your great fashion style with this black-and-scarlet piece. With a remarkable leopard print, the authentic tee duplicates the shirt that Trash wears – and with vinyl shorts showing off the essential skull-symbol on the character’s crotch, there will be no question of your identity. A pair of woolen 80s legwarmers completes the outfit.

Wear to a retrospective showing of the Return of the Living Dead this year at a theatre event, or at home for your friends. An unexpected choice for any Halloween party or similar costume event this season.