Retro Flight Stewardess Costume - 60s Style

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Retro Stewardess includes:

  • Dress
  • Neck tie
  • Hat
  • Bag
  • Flight pins (2)

Give a throw back to the retro days with this cute and sassy flight stewardess costume.

This Stewardess costume consists off a one piece dress with three quarter length sleeves. It has a fit and flare at the waist with the appearance of a white blouse underneath. Also continuing that appearance is the over-sized collar with white fabric. Gold buttons sit down the front. A shorter skirt has a slit in the front to show a bit more leg. There are two flight pins that clasp onto either the collar or the adorable hat that is included. The hat has two elastics on the back to secure it to your head using bobby pins. Also included is a fun matching foam bag with handles and a picture of a plane with "Blue Sky Airlines". Last but not least is the neck tie that velcros with a blue and white tie. 

Take to the skies in this fun Stewardess costume. Grab a pilot or another flight attendant and head out as a couples or group costume this Halloween! 

**Gloves not included**