CLEARANCE - Retro Captain America Men's Costume

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Retro Captain America Men's Costume includes:

  • Muscle chest jumpsuit
  • Mask

*Note: Gloves and shield sold separately.

Get The Cap's vintage look in this Retro Captain America Men's costume!

The One-Piece Jumpsuit includes a padded chest and shoulders in his classic red, white and blue costume - seen in Marvel Films' Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Retro Captain America costume includes the beacon of hope that is the white star prominently in the centre of his chest. The top of the back of the costume fastens via strips of Velcro. The shoulders and chest of this jumpsuit are blue, while the mid-portion is vertical stripes of red and white. White and silver also appear on each sleeve of the Retro Captain America jumpsuit and a patch of blue with a red circle featuring a white star sit on each sleeve on the upper arm. Around the waist of this costume is a printed utility belt of sorts. A silver-white buckle sits in the middle while brown pockets and silver metallic-like detailing can be seen on each side. Towards the bottom of the sleeves are brown, leather-like printed designs of wrist guards. There are also details of silver buckles on these areas. Light and dark blue vertical stripes are seen on the legs of the jumpsuit with a brown leather-like design of lace-up boots decorating the bottom of each leg. The Retro Captain America Men's costume also includes a vintage-style mask. It covers the top of the head and has open eyes for you to easily see out of. A large white "A" is prominently featured on the centre of the forehead on this mask.

Hop back in time in this Retro Captain America Men's Costume for your next superhero themed event or Expo cosplay! Don't forget to say "hi" to Agent Peggy Carter while you're there.