Renaissance Faire Corset Plus

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This sumptuous corset is sure to become one of your cosplay staples, particularly as you feel it embrace and create the beautiful you. Play a pirate, a Renaissance maid or adventurer, or relish yourself in this for the October Steampunk event of your choosing. Fashioned of faux-leather fabric, this delectable piece has been lovingly strengthened with spiral steel bones for strength and support, as well as four backbones sure to give a tight fit, even one that is breathless if you dare. Includes a privacy panel, while a zipper lends a touch of class. Ruched gauze fabric ornaments the garment's bodice with a vintage style. Included are removable garters. Wearing this, you'll be sensation at your next costume event, or any cosplaying opportunity at a game or comics con, or just to wear for Halloween.