Red Tartan Hunk Scottish Kilt Costume

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Red Tartan Scottish Kilt costume includes:

  • Kilt with sash
  • Hat
  • Belt with bag
  • Two sock garters

This Halloween dress yourself in plaid and go as a Scottish gentleman and give a throwback to the classic heritage.

The Scottie Hottie costume comes with a Scottish red plaid kilt with an elastic waist. It has an attached sash that goes up over one shoulder and then tucks into the waistband. Although the waistband has a slight stretch, there is belt loop holes around. The faux leather belt is adjustable has has a faux leather pouch as well. There is a matching red plaid tam with black velvet trim and white feather with button. The two sock garters sit on an elastic ribbon and have little tufts of red plaid. These can sit on top of a nice pair of dress socks or whatever you have around.

Great for Halloween, Scottish themes and fun fun fun. The can be easily paired with a lightweight pant or a shirt underneath for a more conservative Scottish costume.