Red Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass Deluxe Ladies Costume

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Red Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass Deluxe Ladies Costume includes:

  • Dress with attached petticoat

*Note: Wig and makeup are not included.

Why does the queen always carry a scepter? Because everyone works, 'cept her.

This amazing dress is something to be rivaled, perhaps by the White Queen. The top of this officially licensed gown is a satiny black fabric in the back. This is also where you'll find the zipper for the costume. The front of the costume keeps the same black colour but instead of satin, becomes a soft-to-the-touch velvet. A portion of the black velvet even makes its way to the back by framing the waistline. The collar of this gorgeous gown is a stiff, white crinoline fabric. From here, the rest of the collar is a sheer, white with black line fabric cut in a slight 'V' style. From the tops of the shoulders, all the way down the centre of the bodice is a black panel with gold and red detailing with strands of white. There are also areas printed with decorative pearls and rubies as well. In this same area, decorative gold lace prints travel down with printed ruby stones set in some of the golden lace-like adornments. The outside edges of this 'V' panel are trimmed with a black tulle. The puffy sleeve caps are done in a lightweight fabric that has a bit of a shine to it. bands of red velvet trimmed on either side with black tulle decorate each sleeve cap. Long sleeves are attached to the caps and are made of a sheer black fabric that continues down the arm to a black tulle with a piece of sheer, cream-coloured fabric. The forearm of this sleeve is also cream coloured and nearly resemble fingerless gloves. They cinched along the inside seam to to give them a ruched look. Similar to the shoulder caps, there are bands of red velvet and black tulle circling the arms at the wrist and again where the black fabric meets the cream coloured fabric. The skirt of this exquisite gown has multiple layers causing it to be nice and puffy! The main skirt of the dress is a long, black satiny fabric which features crinoline at the bottom. Over this layer is a red satin skirt. A portion in the centre is decorated with printed black and gold hearts. It is a deeper red than the rest of the layer and also has a design in the background. Over that layer is a layer of red tulle, or crinoline, with specks of gold. Attached to this layer in two spots of red tulle is a burgundy-red mesh netting that sits between the tulle-like fabric and red satin layers. It wraps around the back but does not cover the front of the skirt. Nor does the red tulle over top. This fabric comes down the sides at the waist and has a triangular hemline.

Don't forget your big, red hair and some makeup to get the same look as the Red Queen from Tim Burton's, Alice Through the Looking Glass. This Halloween, go royal!