Red Cardinal/Bishop Robe Costume

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The Men's Cardinal Robe includes:

  • Robe and attached cape
  • Hat
  • Belt

Receive your blessing from the Roman Catholic church as you don this robe of scarlet – the blood-red that symbolizes the cardinal's position and authority. Remember to remind everyone that your correct title is “eminence,” as you're a member of the sublime leaders of the church.

The scarlet robe, or cassock, pulls over the head with the top half buttoning closed, up to the collarbone. The woven feel of the cloth is generous and enveloping, producing a sensation of exalted importance. The belt, or sash, fits about the waist with velcro straps, with ends meant to rest above the left thigh, fringed with tassels. Finally, the hat, or biretta, rests gently atop the head.

Bless all the children who come to your door this Halloween, or wear to a religious neutral costume event. Be admired for your faith, acknowledge the weak and the needful, and await the moment when you are chosen pope … but wearing on a visit to the Vatican is not recommended.