Raptor Dinosaur Jurassic Park Inflatable Costume

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The Jurassic Park Inflatable Raptor Dinosaur Costume includes:

  • Inflatable Suit
  • Fan with battery pack

As one of the most cunning predators of all time you are more than just a clever girl. This Jurassic Park Inflatable Raptor Dinosaur Costume is a larger than life outfit which will transform your into a grey raptor to intimidate friends and family.

The suit of this Raptor costume is made out of a strong, durable, air tight material which allows it to inflate and expand around the body. Printed designs on the front of this outfit create the outlines of scales, wrinkles, and other textures which add to the outfit’s realism. The body of the raptor is a dark gray color with the stomach area and under the chin in a lighter gray. In the neck pf the dinosaur’s body there is as square mesh window which allows the suits wearer to see out and navigate while moving.

Perfect to wear to animal, movie, or dinosaur themed events the Jurassic Park Inflatable Raptor Dinosaur Costume will give you that ‘wow’ factor you’ve been looking for. Also perfect for making appearances at birthday parties, this inflatable bodysuit is memorable and larger than life!