Rainbow Unicorn Feather Wings

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Can’t decide what shade compliments you best? Why not touch on all of the colours of the rainbow and take flight with the Rainbow Unicorn Feather Wings! These beautiful crafted wings are made using real feathers which have been dyed into various colours and layered in descending order. There are two matching identical wings which sit apart on the back of the shoulders with a connecting piece in between covered in blue down feathers. To wear this vibrant accessory there are white lace straps which allow the piece to be tied securely around each shoulder and armpit. The Rainbow Unicorn Feather Wings are the perfect addition to your fantasy themed costume, from flying beasts to a whimsical fairy! You could also utilize these wings to create a unique take on a pirate themed outfit, making your entrance as an exotic parrot! Wear out to parties, dress-up events, or out on Halloween night!