Prince of Thieves Robin Hood Costume - Plus Size

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The Men's Prince of Thieves Plus Costume includes:

  • Hooded shirt

  • 2 Boot covers

  • 2 Gloves

  • Quiver

  • Belt

You'll be right at home in Merrie Olde England as you bend the laws of property by lightly stealing from the rich and giving it to make the poor happy. The poor will love you for it, you'll be a hero and you'll swash a few bucklers as you sidestep sheriffs and kings to make things right for the greater good. You may even call yourself Robin Hood.

The hooded shirt is made of layers, starting with a faux metallic cloth that creates the mystique of wearing armor. Overtop is a Lincoln green shirt with sewn-in brown cowl, all of one piece. The shirt also includes a leather like shirt front that laces. The soft cloth quiver, with brassy buckle and adjustable strap, swings over one shoulder. A matching belt, with much larger buckle, cinches around the waist. The gloves, like the shirt, are laced and the cuffs widen traditionally at the forearms. Finally, boot covers fold down to offer the right amount of roguish charm. These be worn over ordinary shoes for a comfortable evening.

Alas, there are few archery contests to attend, but the ensemble is good for a day at any medieval-themed event, though you might be outclassed if real armor is called for. Come the October costume season you're bound to make a splendid archer, if not an Errol Flynn.