Pointy Black and Red Nails

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Why are vampire families so close? Because blood is thicker than water! What better way to display your love of mortal’s life essences then through a manicure using the Pointy Black and Red Nails! This 13 piece set comes with 12 fake nails, and glue for application. The end of every attachable nail is sanded into a point creating a sharp edged appearance. The tip of each nail is dipped in red paint and made to look as if it is blood dripping down over the black background color. 

For a perfect fit, position nails over correct fingers without glue and trim if needed. When ready to apply, ensure natural nails are clean and dry. Place a small drop of nail glue on a natural nail and spread to cover the entire nail surface. Select the correct Pointy Nail and press it down over your own, holding it for a few seconds until try. Do not apply until both makeup and costume are completed. Use caution as glue bonds to skin instantly. 

Perfect for adding that Halloween or spooky touch to your costume!