Plush Lion Tail Costume Accessory

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What feline would be complete without a tactile tail? This Plush Lion Tail is a fun and simple accessory to take your costume ensemble to a higher level! Made using a soft fuzzy light orange fabric, this long stuffed tail is attached to the body through use of a black elastic band which tightens around the waist. The base of the tail is slightly larger with the size getting smaller to a point towards the end. A large faux fur, darker orange, plume is connected to the end, sporting the classic ‘Lion’s tail’ appearance. Add this Plus Lion Tail Accessory to your full ensemble, and let your creativity guide you! Perfect for animal or savannah themed parties and events, this tail could also work for the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, or would make a great addition to a tickle trunk for future fun.