Pit Stop Penny Sexy Racer Halloween Costume

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Sexy Pitstop Penny Racer costume includes:

  • Catsuit
  • Harness

You may not be able to drive up to your party in her Compact Pussycat, but Penelope Pitstop never finished a Whacky Race looking nearly as ravishing as you will in our Pit Stop Penny Sexy Racer Halloween Costume.

This super sleek, slinky, skin tight red Racer jumpsuit is fastened at the front, with a full frontal yellow zipper. Over the left bust is her racing number, 23. The right hip features a VIP monogram under which the double chequered flag is depicted. Over her jumpsuit, Pit Stop Penny wears her racing harness and her seductively sexy black fishnet sleeves and revealing side panels are set off by the checkered flag design collar.

You might want to add some black motorcycle gloves and a flowing blonde bombshell wig. This Racer costume is perfect for Halloween or a race themed or sports party.

* Helmet and shoes not included*