Pirate Parrot Masquerade Sequin Mask

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Are vibrant and exotic two words that get your heart pumping? Consider embodying your fantasies and take to the skies with the Pirate Parrot Mask! You’ll be able to take in breathtaking views and remain a companion for the scallywags out on the open water. This accessory is made in the style of a masquerade mask, fitting over the eyes and the bridge of the nose with ribbon ties from which to secure the piece on the head. Bright red feathers are attached over most of the surface of the mask, with additional yellow feather around the temples on either side. In the area surrounding the eyes there is intricate embroidery in red, black, and white thread, creating the distinct look of a parrot. A small white fabric beak with black lines down the center completes the bird aesthetic, with a final embellishment of a faux red jewel in between the eyes. Wear the Pirate Parrot Mask to your next Pirate or animal themed event or party for a unique stand out look! For an even grander entrance, grab a few friends and create a themed group costume with our other Pirate themed costume and accessories!