Party at Gatsby's 20s Men's Tux Costume

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Party at Gatsby's Tux costume includes:

  • Tuxedo jacket with tails
  • Vest with attached faux shirt front and bow tie
  • White scarf

*Note: Costume does not come with pants.

"Know your onions" with this Party at Gatsby's Tux costume!

This 'Great' three-piece costume contains the elements needed for your Gatsby-inspired, 1920s costume! The tuxedo style jacket comes complete with tails and a satin-like collar and lapels. The cuffs of the jacket have half-an-inch of white material showing through to resemble the dress shirt's cuffs. The front of the Party at Gatsby's Tux costume also has two buttons that are for show. The white satin shirt and vest combo is sleeveless. The faux shirt front features three non-functioning buttons while the matching white satin vest has four. The faux shirt front also includes a white satin bow tie that comes attached. The final piece that's included with the Party at Gatsby's Tux costume is the white satin scarf. Both ends of the scarf are fringed. The Party at Gatsby's Tux costume does not include pants. Simply put on any pair of black dress pants, or if you have a pair of tuxedo pants, those would be great.

Now, stop being a 'dewdropper' and head down to that Roarin' 20s Halloween party and have a glass of some 'giggle water.'