Panda Bear Baby Cute Ladies Costume

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Panda Bear costume includes:

  • Panda Dress
  • Boot tops 
  • Mittens

This is the cutest and most comfiest Panda Bear Halloween Costume.

This costume is made from a think crushed velvety material. This hooded dress is a pull over style with a zipper front. Mostly black, the dress has white accents to give it that panda look. The bottom hem, wrists and hood are trimmed with a fuzzy white trim. The front chest piece is white and hood. There's a panda face on top of the hood that has black trimmed eyes and ears. Two white ribbons with white puffballs at the end are tied on the collar. A white fluffy tail finishes this costume off. There's matching black boot covers with a faux boot covers and mittens.

This is a cute costume to go out on the town with, it would go great with a group Zoo Animal Costume theme as well as on its own.