Infant/Toddler's Owlette Plush Costume

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Also available for in store pickup or curbside service during business hours

Owlette costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with snap closure legs
  • Character Hood

Whoooo's the cutest baby? Gosh, your's is gunna take the cake in this multicolored Owlette baby Halloween costume. This costume is a two piece costume with a super cute owl jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a soft plush body and inside pink wings, and a brown loop fabric brown back. The chest has colourful plumes, well its just fabric, but use your imagination. The legs are a soft matching coloured striped leg with a bird foot slipper attached. The wings have a hole for arms to come out of. The back of the costume does up with a velcro closure, and leaves a gap for airflow. There is easy access snaps at the bottom, for quick and easy diaper changes. The little hood is the best part, it has two Velcro closures for adjustable sizing, and a little owl face on the top. We can't be responsible for all the extra attention this Halloween. Grab a peacock for mom and make it a group theme.