Orange Lady-Inmate/Prisoner Costume

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The Ladies' Inmate Costume includes:

  • Shirt

  • Belt

Have you been naughty and broken the law? Did you make friends with the wrong people and now it's turned sour on you? It's a new life for you in the State Penitentiary, where you'll be worried about keeping the guards happy or else you'll end up doing time in the hole. Ouch.

This two-part uniform is made of strong canvas-like material in a bright orange, a hard color for anyone to pull off. The hemmed pants are elasticized for comfort. The short-sleeved shirt features the word “INMATE” on the front breast and “STATE PENITENTIARY” on the back, so there's no question where you belong. For an additional effect, consider adding a prison chain & shackles, or a simple ball and chain.

Don't be excited and get yourself sent off to prison just so you can wear this outfit! Try it first at a costume event this October, or consider putting together a theme party for when Orange is the New Black begins its 7th season. There are easier ways of getting yourself locked up, without having to get the state involved.