Orange Giraffe Yumio Onesie Pajamas

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The Orange Giraffe Yumio Onesie Pajamas include:

  • Onesie
  • Pull Over Hood
  • Zippered Bottom

Stick your heads up above the clouds and rule over the savannah as a gentle giant with the Striped Zebra Yumio Onesie Pajamas. This comfortable costume is colorful and childish, taking you back to your younger years as you settle down for an evening at home. Super soft and fuzzy, this onesie bodysuit will make sure you never want to wear anything with multiple pieces!

This full body costume includes both a pull over hood, and a surprisingly convenient zippered flap in the back. Made to resemble the recognizable pattern of a giraffe, a pale yellow background with bright orange spots creates the costumes appearance. Across the front of the piece there is a large white oval which creates the belly of the animal, and added elelemts such as horns, ears, eyes and a nose are also featured on the top of the hood.

To wear these onesie pajamas there is a line of buttons down the front of the piece which can be fastened around the body. These onepiece costumes are designed to be baggie and loose fitting on most sizes, allowing for breathability and maximum comfort. Animal onesies have never been quite this adorable! Get the Orange Giraffe Yumio Onesie Pajamas for the animal lover in your life and watch as they embrace their wild side! Then utilizing their new attire not only at home but also at themed parties, sleepovers, and in the future on Halloween night!