On-Patrol Cop/Police Costume

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The On Patrol Costume includes:

  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Shirt
  • Pants

You’re on the force now with this cool cop uniform, with an awesome responsibility to serve and protect whatever party you find yourself enforcing.  As a police officer you can count on free drinks, the respect of your fellow party-goers and even a few “bribes” that you didn’t see and you definitely didn’t take!

The police officer shirt includes an embroidered patch identifying you as a “city cop” with prestige, an embossed silver breast badge and arm chevrons both left and right.  Made of tough synthetic material, the shirt and pants are accentuated by a leather-like belt with silver buckle and holes, and a sharp, this-means-business canvas-like police cap with shiny brim.  Extras not included, but sunglasses, billy club and handcuffs available in store and on-line.

Come along and join the brotherhood of the thin blue line this Halloween, protecting your own and grabbing a bit of that “the rules don’t apply to us” mentality.  And remember, though they say law enforcement is 99% sheer boredom and 1% pure adrenaline, October 31st this year is your chance to turn that around