Old World Santa Costume

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The Old World Santa Costume includes:

  • Robe

  • Rope belt

  • Santa jacket and tunic

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat ... and we hope that you will bring many young children a merry and prosperous Christmas this year once you've dressed in this marvelous Old World Santa Costume.  This traditional presentation of Father Christmas shows him as he appeared in folk literature and images from centuries past. Learn the secret of making heaven on earth as you play Santa and practice the art of giving.

The extravagant Santa Claus robe has no equal among more modern costumes. Floor length and made of rich crimson velvet, this garment is embellished with patterns of gold piping, satin holly leaves and beaded berries.  The outer border of this voluminous cloak is traced in gold, surrounded by a deep pine-colored felt. The sleeves and hood – yes, there's an attached peaked hood – are adorned with gold piping and plentifully soft faux fur. A fur pom-pom tops the hood. To wear the robe is to transform into Father Christmas once the hood is up.

The satin tunic that is worn beneath the robe is as long as the outer garment, and colored a glossy deep green, to match the robe's hem and lapels. This is positively luxurious to wear. To complete the ensemble, a gold rope belt, with tassels and bells, is authentically emblematic of Christmas Past.

For those hesitant to dress this year in an ordinary Santa suit, seek the true meaning of Christmas with this faithfully traditional costume, sure to create long lasting memories. Thrill as you play the part Santa once did, when times were simpler and merry folk moved kindly among one another. Celebrate this holiday anew, as you did when you were a child.