Noble King/Knight Costume

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Noble King costume includes:

  • Tunic
  • Cape
  • Boot covers
  • Belt
  • Crown

Wear your crown with pride in this Noble King costume. Rule your Kingdom the way you want this Halloween!

This Noble King costume comes with several quality pieces. There is a long tunic made with a dark blue velvet that slips over the head. The bottom front has a slit in which a dark mesh fabric gives the illusion of chain mail. It is lined with gold trim The sleeves are also made of the same mesh. The gauntlets are attached and are a brown pleather material with gold trim and silver grommets. On the chest is a screen printed chest. The crest middle is yellow and red with a roaring lion that has a crown on it's head. The top has a royal crown with wings coming out the side and green ribbon surrounding it. The cape is a rich burgundy colour that pins closed to one side with an decorative medallion. It is line with a white faux fur with black polka dots along the piece that drapes over the shoulder and along the bottom. The crown is a molded plastic piece that velcros together. It is painted on with to give the look of a crown. A brown faux leather belt pulls the costume together at the waist. Also included are pleather boot covers that go to the knee and have gold trim. An elastic at the bottom gives you the support they need to stay on.

Command your kingdom easily with this Noble King costume this Halloween! Perfect for plays, heading out for a night, Medieval themed events or wherever you need to be the king of your castle.