Neon Pink Gorilla Mascot Suit

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One size fits most

Neon Gorilla suit includes:

  • Faux fur jumpsuit
  • Gorilla mask
  • Gloves
  • Foot covers

Check out this crazy colour ape. This hot pink neon Gorilla is outrageous. This four-piece mascot is covered in bright pink faux fur. It comes with a jumpsuit, mask, gloves and foot covers The jumpsuit features a moulded soft plastic chest piece. The suit does up in the back with ties. The gloves cover the hand and have soft moulded fingers.The mask is a large, moulded face and ears with a faux fur head. It has eye, nose, mouth and ear holes. The foot covers have elasticized cuffs and features black, rubberized gorilla toes. This costume is perfect for Halloween, an animal or other fun-themed costume parties, and events that need a mascot.