Mismatched Pirate Socks with Wooden Leg

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Ever wanted to become a pirate and have that characteristic wooden leg? Well, now you can with our clever mis-matched Pirate Socks.

Each adult sized sock is knee length. One is of black and white stripes, whilst the other is designed to resemble wood. It is a nutty brown colour with darker brown detailing to look like the knots and rings seen in natural wood, and so, when worn, it creates the illusion of having a 'peg leg'.

So, if you're sailing the high seas as Black Beard over Halloween, or attending a costume party and wish to create the illusion, our mismatched Wooden leg socks are perfect. It's also a great excuse to wear 'odd socks' on purpose!

We have pirate costumes and other roguish accessories in store, so why not add these to your basket now before setting sail with the rest of your shopping?