Mehron Paradise AQ™ Makeup Body Paint 40g - All 39 Colours!

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Creamy and beautifully pigmented, this highly praised Mehron Paradise AQ Makeup Body Paint will make your application seamless and filled with color! Each 40g cake is semi soft and easily activated with water! This allows you to control the intensity of the colour and create your own perfect vision! The makeup is made of eco-sensitive ingredients like Aloe and Chamomile. Avocado oil and cocoa butter provide vibrant, stand out, results!

Application: Moisten a sponge or brush with water and work the surface of the cake until you have a rich spreadable cream. The consistency will affect the depth of the colour upon application. Brush or sponge on to cover large areas or use a finer brush to create rich details with your Paradise makeup cake. Barrier spray can be used to help the applied makeup remain water resistant.

Remove: Simple to remove with soap and water.

An excellent product for professional face painters and amateurs alike.

Not tested on animals and vegan to boot!