Medieval/Renaissance Noble Lady Costume

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The Medieval Noble Lady Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Capelet
  • Glovelets
  • Headpiece

Dressed in this collection, it should be quite clear that you are no lady-in-waiting, but rather a woman who likes a bit of adventure. And if excitement doesn’t come knocking, you’ll go out and find some – perhaps beating up some pirates or leading your assault team on a castle this Halloween would do for a lark.

The royal Burgundian dress features wine-colored felt throughout the body of the garment, with bronze-bodice decorated in gold braid. Raised bronze studs decorate the bodice, which is held up with thin shoulder straps. A luxurious ornamented capelet, or shrug, fits over the shoulders and permits opening and closing at the front with Velcro tabs. The bronze stud motif of the dress is continued on the capelet, which features two large ornate gold badges which are removable, attached with a chain which can also be used to close the front of the garment. Golden mesh decorates the shoulders and back of the capelet, which is trimmed with black faux fur front and back.

A headdress with brooch matches the capelet, with matching chains as well, fitting upon the forehead with an elasticized strap. Gold mesh glovelets that reflect the capelet fit upon the forearms and leave the hands free.

Surround yourself with a band of friends that will help you strike out to obtain the Heart of Kalcammin in some distant imaginary land, or whatever adventure you seek to undertake, either come Halloween or as you settle in for a long session of role-playing. A sweet choice if you plan to do some liveplay on the Internet, or attend a game con or fan expo in the near future.