Medieval Lady Grey Gown Costume

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The Medieval Lady Gown Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Headpiece
  • Necklace


Return to the Age of Chivalry with this intricately velvet costume designed to make you a Noble Woman during the Middle Ages. Command one of your knights to fetch you a grape from yon market (or the ends of the Earth), then lay back and watch the knights smash into each other as hard as they can. The life of a Lady can be wonderful.

This off-the-shoulder gown is enriched with a patterned neckline, embellished with gold filigree cloth, dressing you as elegantly as any French or English noblewoman could expect from the time. This pattern is matched by an adornment that falls the length of the dress. The dark grey taupe dress is fashioned with velvet cloth that reaches from chest to ankle, with long sleeves that end in a half-glove and an elasticized strap for the Lady’s middle finger. Front and back, gold filigree organza lace gilts the dress sleeves, providing a swirling majestic trail to your look as you glide into the room.

Added is a bronze crowned headpiece with further gold filigree lace, surrounding your head and shoulders in a veil. The gold metal cross necklace, wonderfully ornate in design, fastens with a gold ribbon.

Add a pair of gold shoes and perhaps a sceptre to encourage others to kneel before you. Never have women been so gloriously worshipped as they were when Chivalry flourished … let yourself glory in some of that yourself with your next costume event or when next Halloween arrives.