Medieval Crusader Sword and Shield Weapon Prop Set

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Brandish your heroism with this superb sword and shield, fashioned so that the sword fits cleverly into the shield to create a single awe-inspiring adornment for any wall. Or go forth into the world with this proof of your semi-divine origin, as your exploits and dealings with evil become known coast to coast.

Wrought with hard plastic, both sword and shield carry magnificent designs. The short sword potentially deals 1-6 damage and is embellished with skull-head motif.  The sword includes a five-inch handle and pommel, with a 17-inch pointed blade. The weighty shield features a Crusader's cross with bolts; the four quadrants of the cross present two skulls and two dragons, all shown in an elaborately molded profile, reminding the bearer of power and bravery. The shield is held with two straps that fit over the knight's bent arm.

With this fine equipment, you'll be ready to take on giants, evil wizards or whatever you encounter in your next role-playing campaign, or as you head out on Halloween night.