Maternity Pirate Costume

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One size fits most

Maternity Pirate costume includes:

  • Top
  • Pants with boot tops
  • Hat

This is a maternity pirate costume. Get in on the swashbuckling fun this Halloween.

This is a three-piece maternity pirate costume that comes with a top, pants with boot tops and a hat. The top is a vest with attached shirt. It has a V-neck with a brown lace collar. The sleeves are bell sleeves that are elasticized around the bicep and elbow. The front of the vest has grommets to lace up with gold string. Golden trim adorns the sleeves and front of it. There is also an attached sash that ties up around the front. The waist of the shirt is wide to accommodate for extra room. The hem is torn-looking. The pants have a maternity band and attached faux leather boot tops. The pants are soft crushed velvet and the boot tops lace up and has gold trim. The tri-corn hat is made of poly-foam and has two small bows adorning either side of the front point. The brim of the hat has gold and black lace trim.

This Pirate costume is perfect for taking your little ones out trick-or-treating, or a costume party.