Maria Assassin's Creed Movie Costume

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Maria Assassin's Creed Movie Ladies Costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached chest armour
  • Leggings
  • Hooded cape
  • Sash belt
  • Boot covers

Officially licensed by the Assassin's Creed film, this Maria costume should definitely be in your arsenal of costumes!

Created from a soft fabric, this tunic-style top features many details throughout. Gold and black colours in a glyph-style pattern can be found on the front of the tunic top. This pattern splits in the centre from the waistline. Two panels fall to the side with a gap in the centre. One side of each panel is sewn to the tunic. This fabric has a soft texture to it that's similar to a fleece. A green checkered pattern with blue outlining can be seen on the long sleeves. At the end of the sleeves are built-in gauntlets. These gauntlets are brown and have the appearance of a leather-like material. Braided brown cords wrap around these gauntlets as well. The back of the costume is done in the same teal green colour as the sleeves and has two panels come down from the sides of the waist. Two black panels of fabric sit overtop of the green portions as well. A black cape attaches to the tops of the shoulders with strips of Velcro. There is a wonderful moulded piece that comes attached to the shoulders of the Maria Assassin's Creed Movie costume. Flexible and lightweight, this piece sits across the chest. Adorned with sculpted pieces that resemble a toggle, or barbed wire, this chest armour is created in brown and has a dark copper-like colour accenting different pieces. A teal coloured hood also comes in this epic costume. It has strips of Velcro which adhere to the tunic where the cape attaches. Soft material helps give this hood a wonderful flow. There is a peak in the front with an embroidered Assassin's Creed emblem in the centre on the front. More embroidery in blue, yellow and purple can also be seen on the back of the hood near the bottom. Simple black leggings add ease to the overall costume and give it the touch of stealth needed by an Assassin. Elastic waisted, these leggings are super comfortable. Brown boot covers, similar to the attached gauntlets, slip over your shoes and legs. The same leather-like texture from the gauntlets appear in these boot covers. They also have brass rivet-like detailing up one side of each boot cover where there appears to be some straps. Lastly, a sash belt wraps around the waist of the tunic top and Velcros in the back. This sash belt is a wide black fabric with a faux-leather detail in the centre. Black loops are attached in several areas while black feathers with bead work adorn one of the hoops.

Maria Assassin's Creed Movie Ladies Costume is an ideal costume for anyone wanting to partake in the world of Cosplay or as an epic Halloween costume!