Margaux Black Sequined Fringe Flapper Dress - Plus Size

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Margaux Black Sequined Fringe Flapper Dress - Plus Size includes:

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Little did they know during the 1920s Jazz Age that they were looking at the wave of the future, women who were restless, who were looking to throw off the Victorian shackles and find out what life was all about. Assert your right to go wild in this scandalous, shocking dress that’s sure to get you arrested!

Featuring a mesh overlay patterned with beads and sequins, this flapper dress is the height of 1920s Art Deco style. With elegant flowered embellishments and sequined framing, both front and back, you’re sure you find yourself among the sophisticates of society once you’re arrayed in this dress. A neckline designed to reveal the right amount of décolletage, half sleeves and a drape of fringe along the hemline, this dress will make any flapper pleased as punch.