Children's Deluxe Mal Isle of the Lost Descendants Costume

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Mal Isle of Lost Descendants costumes:

  • Deluxe Jacket
  • Top
  • Pants
  • One glovette

Are you good or evil? Make the decision this Halloween dressed as Mal from Disney’s Decendants. The daughter of Maleficent is one of the stars of Disney’s Decendants and is sure to be a hit this Halloween.

This Deluxe Mal costume has four pieces and lots of details to make you look just like Mal from the Isle of the Lost. The short sleeved purple shirt has a green, dragon-like face printed on the front. The shirt also features several tears and rips that have a black mesh fabric between. The black mesh is also on the collar, sleeves, and down from the hem. The tights are purple and are printed to look as though they are torn up. The jacket of the Deluxe Mal costume is in purple, green, and pink. It is printed to look like it is made of different materials and have lots of zippers and studs. The jacket has two large collars in purple and pink. On the shoulders are two layers of fabric that have a wing-like appearance. The jacket fastens diagonally in the front with Velcro along the faux zipper. The back of the jacket is printed with a large green heart that has a black and light green dragon inside. Also included with the Deluxe Mal costume is one black glovette. **Wig not included (look for it separately!**

Make the decision between good and evil this Halloween with this amazing Deluxe Mal costume. This costume is perfect for play, Disney themed parties, or Halloween. Check out our other Decendants costumes like Evie for a fun group costume! Don't forget to grab her wig!